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Judicial Watch • Clinton’s Pakistani Fugitive Donor To Plead Guilty

Clinton’s Pakistani Fugitive Donor To Plead Guilty

Clinton’s Pakistani Fugitive Donor To Plead Guilty

Judicial Watch

The Pakistani fugitive who vanished after being charged with funneling tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton and California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is back in the United States and will plead guilty to his crimes under an agreement with the government.

Like another infamous Clinton donor who temporarily eluded justice (Chinese entrepreneur Norman Hsu) Abdul Rehman Jinnah fled to his native Pakistan after being indicted in 2006 for making the illegal campaign contributions. In fact, he had the honor of appearing on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted list.

Clinton and Boxer, as well as other prominent Democrats, gladly accepted Jinnah’s tainted money despite clear warning signs of his shady reputation. In fact, the cellular phone and frozen yogurt businessman faced corruption charges in Pakistan and tax evasion and bankruptcy fraud accusations in the U.S. yet he remained a top Democratic fundraiser.

Jinnah hosted numerous high-profile events at his home for Clinton and Boxer and collected money for John Kerry’s failed presidential campaign. The prized donor also held many fundraising events for prominent California Democrats like former Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn and the city’s former council president, Alex Padilla, who is currently a state senator.

Jinnah marks the third high-profile Clinton donor whose serious legal problems have been exposed in the last few months. She ended up returning nearly $1 million raised by Hsu, renowned for running an illegal enterprise, and accepted hefty donations from a Texas oilman (Oscar Wyatt) after he was federally indicted in New York for fraud, conspiracy and violating U.S. sanction laws.

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