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Judicial Watch • Public Funds Pay For State Official’s Lavish Life

Public Funds Pay For State Official’s Lavish Life

Public Funds Pay For State Official’s Lavish Life

Judicial Watch

A high-ranking Delaware state employee who is also the son of a prominent Republican state legislator has pleaded guilty to three felonies for his role in a major corruption sting that cheated taxpayers out of more than $1 million.

Anthony Lofink used his position as an official with Delaware’s Department of Revenue to steel $1.2 million from the state by filing fake claims with the agency’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property. Because he supervised the state’s unclaimed property claims, Lofink easily created false claims for friends who later split the money with him.

Lofink, whose state salary was $31,000, used the public funds to pay for his extravagant lifestyle of luxury cars, lavish clothing, fancy jewelry and even cosmetic surgery. He also applied some of the money to a tanning and spa business.

In federal court this week, the disgraced public employee told a judge how easy it was to take the money because he had complete authority over his department. He confidently told the judge that he gave friends checks and they would later split the money with him.

Now Lofink faces two decades in prison and a hefty fine for pleading guilty to conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering. His father, state Representative Vince Lofink, did not appear with him in court this week but said that his son needs to pay for the “shameful” things he’s done.

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