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Judicial Watch • U.S. Taxpayers Fund Immigrant Assimilation Program

U.S. Taxpayers Fund Immigrant Assimilation Program

U.S. Taxpayers Fund Immigrant Assimilation Program

Judicial Watch

The United States government has launched a massive assimilation campaign for immigrants—legal and illegal—that offers all “newcomers” a variety of free programs financed by American taxpayers.

Initiated in 2006 by the Bush Administration, the costly federal immigrant assimilation program continues to expand, offering free English classes and a new bilingual government web site promoting everything that America has to offer.

Featuring a large photo of the Statue of Liberty and a welcome letter from President George W. Bush, the informative web site promotes the nation’s federal benefit programs such as free health insurance for the needy (Medicaid), food stamps and free public education for all (stressing all) children, regardless of immigration status.

The web site also helps immigrants find childcare, housing and employment and there is an elaborate section on finances and obtaining free legal assistance for immigration-related situations. A portion of the site is also dedicated to American history and demographics as well as U.S. civics.

The government started this publicly funded campaign last year by establishing a new task force and publishing a guide for new immigrants in multiple languages. The U.S. Office of Citizenship also holds regional training sessions for teachers and immigrant-rights groups to help integrate newcomers with free English and civics classes throughout the country.

One national group that tracks and opposes illegal immigration perhaps summarized the thoughts of many Americans whose tax dollars are being applied to helping those in the country illegally.
"Any time an illegal immigrant comes in contact with the U.S. government, the result should be deportation," said one of the group’s officers.

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