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Judicial Watch • Mexico Organizing May Day Marches In U.S.

Mexico Organizing May Day Marches In U.S.

Mexico Organizing May Day Marches In U.S.

Judicial Watch

Led by Mexico’s government, illegal immigrants across the nation are planning disruptive May Day marches demanding that the U.S. government halt immigration raids and that Congress pass laws to legalize them.

Hundreds of thousands of rowdy illegal aliens flooded the streets of major cities last year demanding amnesty and other rights, while threatening to shut down streets and launch economic boycotts. They burned U.S. flags and wielded racist, anti-American signs as they chanted for “derechos” (rights) in Spanish.

Although many local groups helped promote those marches, they were mainly organized by an umbrella group called National Mobilization to Support Immigrant Workers, whose motto reads: "We are humans. No one is illegal."

This year’s demonstrations will actually be organized by a new group that is sanctioned by the Mexican government. Founded last year in Mexico City, the First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Living in the U.S.A. was formed to give illegal alien Mexicans a voice in America’s political system. The body consists of 46 members representing 23 states.

Incredible as it may seem, a foreign government openly created a sort of congressional representative for the illegal population of the United States. Mexico has in the past held meetings and created groups to strengthen its political power in America and subvert the nation’s immigration laws.

While illegal immigrants and their allies assure the third annual marches will be powerful and demonstrate pride and commitment among Latinos, one well-known Hispanic newspaper columnist in Chicago offers a more realistic view. She points out that the marches have become unproductive and they cause yawn among editors and reporters and create a backlash from anti-Hispanic forces.

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