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Judicial Watch • N.Y. Gov. Thinks Non Citizens Should Vote

N.Y. Gov. Thinks Non Citizens Should Vote

N.Y. Gov. Thinks Non Citizens Should Vote

Judicial Watch

New York’s new governor is even more liberal than his disgraced, hooker-addicted predecessor who wanted to give the state’s half a million illegal immigrants drivers licenses.

As Eliot Spitzer’s Lieutenant Governor David Paterson lived in relative obscurity and wielded practically no power, but now that he has ascended to the mighty position of governor his legislative record is being scrutinized and the news is somewhat alarming.

The media has largely focused on the fact that Paterson will be the state’s first black and the nation’s first legally blind governor, while ignoring the fact is that he has a history of supporting controversial, unabashedly leftwing policies during his two decades as a state senator.

Paterson actually sponsored legislation that would have made it legal for non U.S. citizens to vote in state and local elections. He also sponsored a bill that would have made it legal to use force against a law enforcement officer while resisting a wrongful arrest and another to tax wealthy New Yorkers extra to pay for public schools.

As a state legislator Paterson also helped direct hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to a hospital in his Harlem district that employed his wife. Ironically, he had publicly warned senate colleagues two years earlier not to steer state money to organizations with which they or their immediate family members were affiliated.

Another point of concern for New Yorkers is that Paterson’s father, a powerful former state senator, is a top attorney for some of the state’s most powerful unions which are notorious for influencing state policy with money.

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