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Judicial Watch • Group That Funds Terrorism Gives Obama Money

Group That Funds Terrorism Gives Obama Money

Group That Funds Terrorism Gives Obama Money

Judicial Watch

The head of a radical group that funds and supports Islamic terrorists as well as an America-bashing South American socialist leader has bundled more than $50,000 for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Jodie Evans, co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink, is a huge Obama supporter who has personally given his campaign the federal limit ($2,300) and continues to collect big bucks—$50,000 and counting—from friends and associates in an effort to help the Illinois senator, a favorite among Latin American socialist leaders, move into the White House.

Code Pink bills itself as a grassroots, women’s peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq. Members say they reject the Bush Administration’s fear-based politics that justify violence, instead calling for policies based on compassion and kindness.

That evidently includes compassion and kindness towards Islamic terrorists who murder Americans. The group actually gave $600,000 to help Iraqi terrorist in Fallujah fight U.S. military forces and its “counter-recruitment” campaign has harassed, vandalized and impeded U.S. military recruiters across the nation.

Code Pink leaders also support and hang out with Latin American dictators such as Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s America-bashing socialist leader, Hugo Chavez. Obama is already highly popular among that group and has received official endorsements from the ailing Castro and another renowned communist, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, who assures Obama is the spokesman for millions of Central American and Mexican citizens who migrate to the U.S.

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