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Judicial Watch • Obama Lies About Oil Money

Obama Lies About Oil Money

Obama Lies About Oil Money

Judicial Watch

While Barack Obama starred in television ads this month claiming he doesn’t take money from oil companies he actually raked in thousands of dollars in donations from industry executives and employees.

In the television commercials promoting his infamous change theme, the Democratic presidential candidate sternly assures that he doesn’t take money from oil companies immediately after pointing out that Exxon is making $40 billion a year and Americans pay $3.50 for gas. The well-rehearsed segment uses a gas station as a backdrop.

As the deceiving commercials were broadcast Obama filled his campaign coffers with oil dollars, bringing to light serious credibility and honesty issues not uncommon for a major politician. The Illinois senator has accepted at least $263,000 from oil company executives, family members and employees since announcing his run for the White House. Nearly $50,000 poured in last month alone, as he filmed the commercial.

The money has come in chunks of between $1,000 and $2,300 with an additional $50,000 raised at a fundraiser hosted by the president (Robert Cavnar) of a major Texas oil exploration and production company called Milagro Exploration. Other oil industry donors include the president of Texas-based Sinclair Oil (Ross Matthews) and New York-based oil producer John Hess, a longtime donor who also gave Obama’s senate campaign $14,000.

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