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Judicial Watch • “Anti Immigrant Hysteria” Blamed On Conservative Media

“Anti Immigrant Hysteria” Blamed On Conservative Media

“Anti Immigrant Hysteria” Blamed On Conservative Media

Judicial Watch

Cable television news shows have created an anti immigrant hysteria that nourishes hate and fear toward illegal immigrants, according to a new study published by an organization that monitors media coverage.

The incredibly biased report (Fear and Loathing in Prime Time, Immigration Myths and Cable News) picks on three well-known cable news shows that frequently expose the damaging effects of illegal immigration, including the exorbitant burden on public education, hospitals and other taxpayer-funded services supposedly reserved for legal residents.

The programs—broadcast on cable networks CNN and FOX—also cover what the so-called mainstream media usually ignores; the nationwide increase of atrocious crimes committed by those in the country illegally, many of whom are violent multiple offenders previously deported from the U.S.

Because these news shows refuse to ignore the negative impact of illegal immigration, they offer a “steady diet of fear, anger and resentment,” according to the report’s authors. The publication actually breaks down, with statistics and graphs, the number of times that illegal immigrants were negatively mentioned on the various cable shows.

Never mind that the segments are factually correct and documented with official law enforcement reports. In fact, serious crimes by illegal immigrants have been on the rise in the last few years although the mainstream media regularly ignores it.

Examples include the New Jersey schoolyard murder of college-bound students, cop murderers in Arizona and Houston, child rapists and drunken drivers murdering innocent Americans on the nation’s highways.

While usually excluding these types of damaging stories about illegal immigrants, the mainstream media’s modus operandi is to publish and broadcast an overwhelming number of articles and segments portraying them as humble and desperate poverty victims in search of a better life.

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