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Judicial Watch • Carter Judge Gives Hezbollah Spy Joke Punishment

Carter Judge Gives Hezbollah Spy Joke Punishment

Carter Judge Gives Hezbollah Spy Joke Punishment

Judicial Watch

A Lebanese illegal immigrant who spied for a militant Islamic group after becoming an FBI and CIA agent received a comical punishment for violating federal law and compromising the nation’s security.

It was embarrassing enough for the nation’s so-called intelligence agencies that an illegal immigrant with ties to Hezbollah lied through national security background checks to make their roster.

The Lebanese national (Nada Nadim Prouty) then used her position as an intelligence agent to secretly access classified information about her terrorist-linked relatives and the U.S. government’s investigation into their radical militant group, Hezbollah.

This week a federal judge in Michigan, appointed by none other than Islamic terrorist advocate Jimmy Carter, sent a scary message to those who illegally penetrate the U.S. to aid Middle Eastern terrorists.

Judge Avern Cohn justified the criminal behavior, saying the Hezbollah double agent simply “erred in judgment.” Then he fined her $975 and let her go because she has provided “exemplary service to the country.”

That exemplary service includes helping terrorist relatives by illegally accessing top-secret national security files and collaborating with other Lebanese nationals to obtain U.S. citizenship through fraudulent marriages in order to get government law enforcement, intelligence and military jobs that require security clearance.

The disgraced agent actually admitted doing these things in November when she pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship, unlawfully accessing a federal computer system and conspiracy to defraud the United States. The crimes carry a maximum total penalty of 16 years in prison and a fine of $600,000.

At her joke of a sentencing hearing this week, Prouty told Judge Cohn that she accepts full responsibility for her “error in judgment” but added that she has “never been disloyal to the United States in any way, shape or form.” Incredibly, the judge agreed.


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