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Judicial Watch • Clinton Investigator Convicted Of 76 Crimes

Clinton Investigator Convicted Of 76 Crimes

Clinton Investigator Convicted Of 76 Crimes

Judicial Watch

The thuggish private investigator hired by the Clintons to intimidate their political enemies and dig up dirt on Bill’s mistresses has been convicted on 76 federal criminal charges, including racketeering and wiretapping.

Anthony Pellicano, renowned private eye to Hollywood stars, has already served a 30-month prison sentence for possession of explosives and this week’s convictions by a Los Angeles jury could make jail his home for years to come. Among other things the jury found him guilty of racketeering, wiretapping, wire fraud, identity theft, conspiracy to intercept or use wire communications and manufacture or possession of a wiretapping device.

Pellicano specialized in digging up dirt for wealthy clients to use in lawsuits, divorces and contract disputes. He often bribed corrupt public officials and police officers for the information and was hired by Hollywood heavy hitters such as Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor as well as the heads of major studios.

His most famous clients, however, are a powerful duo consisting of a former commander-in-chief and his senator wife. The Clintons first hired Pellicano in 1992 to contact and intimidate some of the women who had romantic affairs with Bill, including his longtime mistress Gennifer Flowers.

In fact, Judicial Watch represented Flowers in a defamation suit against Clinton campaign officials and Hillary based on their attempts to use Pellicano’s analysis to discredit and thus defame her. During a jailhouse deposition in the Flowers case, Pellicano refused to answer questions from Judicial Watch attorneys.

Pellicano also helped the former First Couple with damage control in the Monica Lewinsky scandal by unearthing Lewinsky’s old boyfriend (Andy Blieler), who told reporters that Lewinsky told him she wanted to go to Washington to earn her “presidential kneepads.”

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