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Judicial Watch • Fla. 2000 Recount Flick Distorted

Fla. 2000 Recount Flick Distorted

Fla. 2000 Recount Flick Distorted

Judicial Watch

As the notoriously liberal Hollywood establishment promotes a distorted movie about the 2000 Florida ballot recount it claims was blocked by a conservative Supreme Court, a crucial detail is left out; a thorough recount was conducted, by Judicial Watch, and George W. Bush clearly won.

This important fact has been omitted in the upcoming cable movie “Recount,” which emphasizes that Al Gore was robbed of the presidency when in fact he simply lacked the votes to win. If you recall, Bill Clinton’s vice president made history as the first major-party presidential candidate to lose his home state of Tennessee. No ballot dispute there.

Not surprisingly, this interpretation of the 2000 Florida presidential vote controversy is yet another biased Tinseltown story that portrays Democrats as the cheated victims of the big, bad conservative Republicans. It’s a bit of a tired, old rerun made possible by a hardcore liberal Democrat screen writer, director and leftwing-activist, Oscar-winning actor (Kevin Spacey).

During the movie’s world premiere this week in Houston, the cast was joined by none other than Jimmy Carter, who helped the crew conduct a panel discussion on the country’s progress toward election reform. The expert election reform panel claimed that the Florida affair rocked the nation’s confidence in the electoral process.

The truth is, however, that although it was an extremely tight race, a recount did in fact prove that Bush clearly won Florida and thus the presidency. With the assistance of a highly reputable auditing firm, Judicial Watch conducted recounts in the disputed counties of Collier, Hillsborough, Indian River, Miami-Dade, Pinellas and Sarasota as well as the highly contested counties of Broward and Palm Beach.

Of course, you won’t see that in the movie which, not surprisingly, hints at the Democrats’ emergence in 2008.

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