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Judicial Watch • Austin Promotes Taxpayer-Financed Day Labor Center

Austin Promotes Taxpayer-Financed Day Labor Center

Austin Promotes Taxpayer-Financed Day Labor Center

Judicial Watch

A major U.S. city operates a sophisticated employment center for illegal immigrants and proudly promotes it on its official government webs site, which also allows residents to submit electronic requests for day laborers.

Officials in Austin Texas openly boast about their taxpayer-funded First Workers Day Labor Center, which annually hooks up more than 25,000 day laborers—mostly in the country illegally—with temporary jobs in the area. The city points out how valuable day laborers are to the Austin economy, about $1 million a year.

The 5,000 square-foot center is conveniently located adjacent to a major freeway and it features a coveted drive-through accommodation for those who want to hire an illegal immigrant on the run. A full-time bilingual city staff manages the operation and helps employers (most of which don’t speak Spanish) hook up with day laborers (most of which don’t speak English).

The city assures that there is no paperwork and never any fees to either party. This taxpayer-financed center is simply a safe place where customers and day laborers can come together and exchange work for pay in a well organized and supervised environment. Besides ordering workers online employers can also call ahead to request a specific day laborer.

The center’s official city web site guarantees that there are plenty of laborers available every morning ready to go to work. They possess skills in carpentry, painting, roofing, tile work, tree trimming and plumbing. The best part is, nobody pays taxes and a U.S. city openly helps promote a criminal enterprise.

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