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Judicial Watch • Edwards Used Campaign Funds To Pay Mistress

Edwards Used Campaign Funds To Pay Mistress

Edwards Used Campaign Funds To Pay Mistress

Judicial Watch

The North Carolina senator who cheated on his ailing, cancer-stricken wife while she worked on his failed presidential campaign, used political funds to pay the mistress, purchase a multi million-dollar home for her and transport her on private jets.

The bombshell story that the mainstream media refused to cover gets juicier by the day as the tabloid that broke it digs up more incriminating details about John Edwards’ secret affair with a younger woman that he met at a bar and kept close with a bogus campaign job. A child was conceived and, although Edwards denies it’s his, the facts contradict his story.

While the infidelity paints the portrait of an unethical and sleazy politician who used his sick wife to further his career, it is not necessarily illegal. But using campaign money to pay off the mistress and buy her lavish gifts could be. Edwards began the extramarital affair long before he hired his mistress (Rielle Hunter) to produce campaign videos, according to a news report.

With no previous filmmaking experience, Hunter was paid $114,000 by the senator’s political action committee to produce a series of internet videos that incidentally included shots of the two flirting. There has also been quite a bit of hush money and a $3 million home in an exclusive Santa Barbara California community.

Angry Edwards donors are demanding a refund. One pointed out on an internet web site that the disgraced senator should return contributions because they went to his girlfriend. Another says that those who donated money to Edwards helped pay for the $114,000 his mistress got to make three YouTube videos and accompany him around the world on a private jet.

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