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Judicial Watch • Leftwing Actor Advises Obama On Middle East

Leftwing Actor Advises Obama On Middle East

Leftwing Actor Advises Obama On Middle East

Judicial Watch

Days after Barack Obama’s Muslim advisor quit over ties to a radical Islamic group an overseas newspaper is reporting that a Hollywood actor best known as a womanizer with leftwing views is advising the Democratic presidential candidate on everything from Middle Eastern policy to public speaking and body language.

The Obama campaign wants to keep this scary relationship secret but a British paper provides the gory details of a tight knit friendship between the Illinois senator and George Clooney, the arrogant middle-aged actor who says he could never run for public office because he has slept with too many women, done too many drugs and attended too many parties.

Apparently Clooney is living out his political fantasies through his good pal Obama. The men speak at least twice a week and regularly exchange text mail as well as electronic mail. Party insiders say Clooney is a valued Obama advisor who helps the senator polish his image at home and abroad.

The actor, who is pro-Palestine like his idol Jimmy Carter, is pushing the presidential candidate to be more “balanced” on U.S.-Israel relations and urging the unconditional withdraw from Iraq. Clooney also advises Obama on issues such as presentation, public speaking and body language. After all, he is an Oscar-winning actor who knows a few things about pretending.

Although not known for his intelligence, Clooney is apparently smart enough to realize that his close friendship with Obama can jeopardize the senator’s quest to become commander-in-chief. That is why the actor and his army of publicists have worked hard to conceal the “risky” relationship, for fear that his leftwing views and playboy image would hurt Obama’s chances of moving into the White House next year.

It hasn’t stopped Clooney from working behind the scenes to gather support and big bucks for Obama from his rich Hollywood buddies, however. One week Americans learn that Obama’s Muslim outreach advisor is connected to the radical Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood and the next that his Middle Eastern advisor is a reckless Hollywood actor who sympathizes with Palestine.

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