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Judicial Watch • Pelosi Threatens Senator For Criticizing Obama

Pelosi Threatens Senator For Criticizing Obama

Pelosi Threatens Senator For Criticizing Obama

Judicial Watch

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has warned a four-term Connecticut senator that he could lose a powerful committee chairmanship for criticizing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, whom she calls a great leader for the future.

Upset that Joe Lieberman, the longtime Democrat turned independent, is campaigning for Republican John McCain rather than her beloved Obama, Madam Speaker has publicly blasted the traitor for, among other things, making “totally irresponsible” remarks about the Illinois senator.

The veteran San Francisco congresswoman also threatened that Lieberman’s remarks may cost him his position as chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Incidentally, Pelosi is also very angry at some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters for being “less than gracious” toward Obama. No word yet on what their punishment will be.

So what was it that Lieberman said that was so offensive to Pelosi? While campaigning for McCain in Pennsylvania, he questioned Obama’s patriotism when he called the upcoming presidential election a choice between one candidate (McCain) who has always put his country first and worked across party lines to get things done and one candidate that has not.

The House Speaker probably got really, really angry when Lieberman slammed Obama the next day for exhibiting “inexperience” when it comes to the escalating conflict between Russia and Georgia. Maybe Pelosi will threaten to strip Lieberman of his office over that one.

Pelosi explained on a local radio show why she’s so protective of Obama. It’s because he’s a really great leader for the future and those only come along every now and then. Republicans know this, according to the Speaker, so they have to undermine him. Their best weapon, she says, is to use someone who is considered by some to be a Democrat.

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