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Judicial Watch • Al Gore Encourages Civil Disobedience

Al Gore Encourages Civil Disobedience

Al Gore Encourages Civil Disobedience

Judicial Watch

The former U.S. vice president who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his world famous environmental crusade is urging young people to engage in civil disobedience if they care about the planet’s future.

Clinton Vice President Al Gore, the self proclaimed spokesman for global warming, actually encouraged America’s youth to break the law to stop the construction of coal plants that can’t store carbon. “…We have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience…” The (not so) wise words were delivered at his former boss’s highly publicized Global Initiative gathering in New York.

Before joining the “prestigious” Nobel Prize ranks of a scandal-plagued world body infested with bribed officials, a leftwing Guatemalan who lied in her war memoirs and a former U.S. president who justifies Palestinian terrorism Gore won Hollywood’s highest honor. He got an Academy Award for his renowned documentary (An Inconvenient Truth) about global warming.

The former vice president travels the world promoting his flick and preaching about energy conservation although he exempt from the practice. Just last year a research group in his home state of Tennessee exposed him as a hypocrite for his own extravagant energy use, the kind he chastises in his international global warming crusade.

Gore’s mansion uses more electricity each month than the average American household consumes in an entire year. The lavish residence is located in the city’s upscale Belle Meade area and consumes 10,656 kilowatt hours per year, which is more than 20 times the national average. In one month alone, Gore used more than twice the electricity (22,619 kilowatts) than the average American family uses in a year. His average monthly electric bill is $1,359 and his gas bill averages about $1,080 a month.

This double standard didn’t stop him from getting the Nobel, however. Officials of the international award, named after an industrialist and administered by a Swedish foundation, crowned Gore anyways for putting climate change on the world agenda. It put the former vice president in a pool that includes people and organizations with shameful accomplishments perhaps worthy of inspiring civil disobedience.

Past Nobel winners include the scandal-plagued United Nations and its corrupt former leader Kofi Annan; leftwing Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchu won the prize even though she was exposed as a fraud for lying in a biography that detailed how she supposedly suffered in the midst of the atrocities committed against Indians by the Guatemalan government; former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who struck a deal with Dictator Fidel Castro to allow nearly 200,000 imprisoned Cuban criminals into the country and publicly defends radical Palestinian violence.

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