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Judicial Watch • Illegal Immigrant Arrested 16 Times Murders Three

Illegal Immigrant Arrested 16 Times Murders Three

Illegal Immigrant Arrested 16 Times Murders Three

Judicial Watch

An illegal immigrant who had been arrested 16 times by seven different local police departments throughout Colorado was allowed to remain in the U.S. long enough to murder two women and a toddler over the weekend.

In a tragic case that mirrors so many others nationwide, local authorities failed to collaborate with federal immigration officials to rid the country of a violent illegal immigrant who should have been deported years ago. This time, the negligence involved local police in at least one city—Denver—that officially and proudly provides sanctuary to illegal aliens.

The murderer (Francis Hernandez) in this case has 11 aliases and a lengthy criminal record. He was a fugitive with multiple warrants for his arrest when he ran a red light and slammed his sports utility vehicle into a pickup truck occupied by two women. The violent impact pushed the truck more than 100 feet into a nearby ice cream shop. A 3-year-old boy, eating ice cream, was killed and so were the women in the pickup.

Police say the illegal immigrant had been driving erratically and ran a red light at a busy intersection in Aurora Colorado. It took the brutal and senseless murders of three innocent people to finally get U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to detain this illegal alien. Besides Denver, he had previously been arrested by police in Longmont, Aurora, Westminster, Lakewood, Broomfield and Boulder. Evidently, none bothered to contact immigration authorities.

This outrageous lack of cooperation between local and federal authorities has allowed illegal immigrants with criminal histories to remain in the country and victimize innocent Americans throughout the nation. Most recently, a violent gang banger from El Salvador with two previous felony convictions murdered a man and his two sons in San Francisco.

Other tragic examples of criminal illegal aliens who didn’t get deported include cop murderers, child rapists and drunken drivers who have killed American families on U.S. highways. In all of the cases the offenders had multiple encounters with local police but were never asked about their immigration status.

That’s because many local law enforcement agencies from coast-to-coast have policies—some official and others unspoken—that forbid officers from inquiring about a suspect’s immigration status. In fact, only 55 of nearly 20,000 local law enforcement agencies across the nation have bothered to sign agreements to coordinate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deal with illegal immigrant encounters in their communities.

Local officials say that playing a role in immigration enforcement would create accusations of racial profiling and cause their departments to lose the trust of immigrant communities. Immigrants would be reluctant to report crimes out of fear they will be deported, the local officials say. In the meantime they are allowed to murder, rape and assault Americans.

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