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Judicial Watch • Obama’s Marxist Roots Exposed

Obama’s Marxist Roots Exposed

Obama’s Marxist Roots Exposed

Judicial Watch

Criticism of Barack Obama’s infamous role as a community organizer has been labeled racist and inappropriately demeaning but few know that the Democratic presidential candidate’s sort of “organizing” is based on a revolutionary Marxists agenda.

Most people wouldn’t know that based on media coverage of the controversy, which has focused on Obama’s fiery speeches defending his noble community organizer duties as promoting social change from the bottom up and rejuvenating impoverished neighborhoods that have “fallen on hard times.”

Plenty of sound bites have featured passionate liberals vehemently defending their messiah’s good work and one major state’s governor actually accusing Republicans of being racist for using the words community organizer as a “code for black.”

Lost in the hoopla is that the crucial history of the sort of community organizing that Obama proudly conducted in Chicago; the role was developed by an extreme leftwing radical intellectual (Saul Alinsky) from Chicago who promoted a Marxist revolution through systematic deception.

In an article published this week by a British news magazine that focuses on politics, Obama’s true Marxist colors are exposed as well as his connections to Alinsky, whom he never met but idolized. The Illinois senator was trained by an Alinsky-founded group and he worked for an organization that promoted the radical’s so-called just and democratic society.

Obama’s goal, according to the exposé, was promoting the cause of black people and achieving “reparations” from white society, a perspective through which his welfare redistribution agenda is framed. During his three-year community organizer stint in Chicago, he mobilized black people for action against their white oppressors.

This is why the senator joined forces with the now famous Trinity Church of Christ, run by the radical longtime pastor (Jeremiah Wright) who blamed the U.S. for causing the 2001 terrorist attacks and damned America for treating blacks less than human. Wright married the Obama’s and baptized their two children and the senator made his good friend and pastor an important presidential campaign advisor.

Considering that Obama could very well become the nation’s next commander-in-chief, his documented Marxist roots certainly deserve more coverage in the mainstream American media. Don’t hold your breathe, though.

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