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Judicial Watch • Illegal Alien Kills Cop In (Former) Sanctuary City

Illegal Alien Kills Cop In (Former) Sanctuary City

Illegal Alien Kills Cop In (Former) Sanctuary City

Judicial Watch

A drunken illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal history and four arrest warrants killed a young police officer in a major U.S. city that for years offered illegal aliens official sanctuary.

The 25-year-old Phoenix Police officer was responding to a call when the intoxicated illegal immigrant (Salvador Vivas-Diaz) slammed his vehicle into the cop’s patrol car. Vivas-Diaz had four outstanding counts of driving under the influence, a suspended driver’s license, charges of forgery for providing false documents and failure to appear in court.

Some reports indicate that Vivas-Diaz had voluntarily returned to his native Mexico up to three times but no one seems to know for certain. Authorities did confirm that the multiple offender was carrying two fake Mexican identification cards after murdering the officer over the weekend. He is being held without bail and has been charged with manslaughter, assault and obstructing a crime investigation.

This cop killer is undoubtedly a consequence of the sanctuary long offered to illegal immigrants in Phoenix, America’s fifth-largest city. Up until a few months ago the city’s police department prohibited officers (Operations Order 1.4.3) from inquiring about suspects’ immigration status and from cooperating with federal immigration officials.

The Phoenix Police Department reluctantly reversed the measure after Judicial Watch launched an investigation last year and threatened to legally challenge it. For nearly a year Judicial Watch collaborated with local businesses, community and law enforcement leaders to reverse Phoenix’s sanctuary city status.

The city’s mayor (Phil Gordon) is still a renowned illegal immigrant advocate, however. A few months ago he even ordered the FBI to investigate the local sheriff (Maricopa County’s Joe Arpaio) for supposedly violating the civil rights of illegal aliens during arrests.

The Maricopa Sheriff’s Department started cracking down on illegal immigration to restore much-needed law and order in a Phoenix business district (36th & Thomas) rife with solicitation, trespassing, loitering and public health ordinance violations long ignored by Phoenix Police because the perpetrators were illegal immigrants.

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