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Judicial Watch • Bailed Out Banks Gave Clinton Millions

Bailed Out Banks Gave Clinton Millions

Bailed Out Banks Gave Clinton Millions

Judicial Watch

Four of the ailing financial institutions that received taxpayer bailout money—including a giant bank that got $300 billion this week—paid Bill Clinton millions of dollars to deliver his coveted speeches.

A news agency reports that Hillary Clinton’s Senate financial disclosure statements reveal that Bill got $2.1 million from major banks that later fell into a financial crisis. Among them are two that received federal bailout money, one that collapsed and another that filed for bankruptcy a few months ago.

The troubled institutions never the less had the funds to pay the former president hefty sums to deliver speeches. Citigroup, which just received its outrageous $300 billion government infusion, paid Clinton $700,000. Goldman Sachs paid him nearly $1 million, Leman Brothers $300,000 and Merrill Lynch $175,000. 

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in September and Goldman Sachs, the reputable investment firm, got a substantial chunk—$10 billion—of the massive federal bailout. 

Since leaving the White House, Clinton has made tens of millions of dollars delivering speeches around the world. In the last few years alone he made an astounding $52 million. Just last week the National Bank of Kuwait paid big bucks for one of his prized deliveries.

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