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Judicial Watch • Communists Celebrate Obama Win

Communists Celebrate Obama Win

Communists Celebrate Obama Win

Judicial Watch

Latin American communist leaders, including a murderous dictator and a Marxist guerilla, are thrilled that Barack Obama will be the next U.S. president and several in the largely socialist region were quick to offer congratulations.

The enthusiasm is not surprising considering that two of the region’s most prominent communists—Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega—officially endorsed the Illinois senator during his lengthy presidential campaign. Others such as Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Brazil’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva also backed Obama’s presidency early on.

Castro, the world’s longest ruling dictator, suggested that if Obama teamed up with Hillary Clinton the ticket would be unbeatable and Ortega, the head of the Marxist Sandinista Liberation Front, praised Obama as a revolutionary phenomenon who will advocate for millions of Central American and Mexican citizens who migrate to the U.S.

Obama is also a favorite of Latin America’s radical Marxist terrorist group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (or its Spanish acronym FARC). Evidence seized during a Colombian military raid in March revealed FARC leaders were rooting for Obama because they were certain he would help them after moving into the White House.

This week the entire region is rejoicing, especially Venezuela’s ardent anti-U.S. leader Hugo Chavez, who recently purchased sophisticated weapons from Russia and is working with that country to harm the United States. Castro, who has murdered and incarcerated millions who oppose his regime, says Obama is more intelligent, cultured and composed than his Republican rival, who he calls old, bellicose, uneducated and not very intelligent.

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