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Judicial Watch • No Change In Obama’s White House

No Change In Obama’s White House

No Change In Obama’s White House

Judicial Watch

Barack Obama infamously coined the term change during his presidential campaign and he promised a fresh bipartisan style if elected, yet his top advisors and cabinet look like a replica of Clinton’s White House.

Obama’s chief of staff, Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, was a top aide during Bill Clinton’s presidency and the president-elect is seriously considering naming Clinton Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers to the same post. Among Emanuel’s recent accolades is that he served on the board of directors of the federal mortgage firm Freddie Mac when the agency misreported profits by billions of dollars in order to deceive investors.

Summers was among Obama’s top economic advisers during the lengthy presidential campaign, even though he was practically forced to resign as president of Obama’s alma mater—Harvard—after making incendiary sexist comments about female scientists and the senator claims to be a women’s right advocate.

Other top Obama advisory board members heading the White House transition team include Clinton’s Environmental Protection Agency head (Carol Browner), Clinton’s Commerce Secretary (Michael Froman) and Clinton’s Transportation and Energy secretary (Federico Pena).

Practically all of Obama’s coveted and highly touted economic team consists of loyal Clintonites, including a disgraced Treasury Deputy Secretary— Roger Altman—ousted for lying to Congress to cover up a record-keeping scandal. The rest of the crew includes another Clinton Treasury Secretary (Robert Rubin), chief economist (Laura Tyson) and National Economic Council director (Gene Sperling).

Does this mean that Obama will abandon his infamous change motto and that his presidency will instead be a rerun of Clinton’s?




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