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Judicial Watch • Illegal Aliens Clean Homeland Security Chief’s House

Illegal Aliens Clean Homeland Security Chief’s House

Illegal Aliens Clean Homeland Security Chief’s House

Judicial Watch

Illegal immigrants have for years cleaned the residence of the nation’s Homeland Security chief and the best part is that their fake documents repeatedly slipped by the federal law enforcement agency that protects the country’s leaders. 

A Washington newspaper reports that for nearly four years the U.S. Secret Service failed to detect that illegal immigrants were regularly entering Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s suburban Maryland house. The illegal aliens worked for a Maryland company hired by Chertoff’s wife to clean every two weeks. 

The Secret Service, which claims to uphold a tradition of excellence in its investigative and protective mission, screened the identifications of the company’s employees before they entered the secretary’s home. The company’s owner says there was never a problem, until recently. 

Evidently the massive security breach was finally noticed and federal authorities fined the cleaning company’s owner nearly $23,000 for failing to check the identification and work documents of some employees and for not filling out the required employee verification forms. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is part of Homeland Security, further directed the company to fire the undocumented workers. Some of them were part of crews that were regularly sent to the Chertoff residence over the years. 

Chertoff refused to comment about the embarrassing gaffe but a Homeland Security spokesperson blamed the company’s owner for deceiving his boss, reminding that every contractor in the United States has the responsibility of ensuring their workers are legal. The punished businessman, who assures his employees’ documents appeared legit, presented a valid point; if the nation’s Homeland Security agency can’t police its own home, how can it police the border?

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