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Judicial Watch • La Raza Politician’s Son Charged In Gang Murder

La Raza Politician’s Son Charged In Gang Murder

La Raza Politician’s Son Charged In Gang Murder

Judicial Watch

The son of a renowned Chicano rights politician who chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and authored legislation to reduce gang violence has been charged in a gang-related murder. 

A felony complaint says that California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s teenage son and three fellow gang bangers beat and fatally stabbed a college student in San Diego for no particular reason. They also beat and stabbed at least two other young men who survived. 

Esteban Nunez and his posse identified themselves as members of a well-known gang (The Hazard Crew) during an evening of drinking and brutally beat the 22-year-old college student before finishing him off with knives. The gang bangers have been charged with murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism.

The younger and rather confident Nunez, who proudly sports a tattoo of his gang’s logo, assured his violent buddies that if they were criminally charged his powerful and well-connected politician father could get them off on a self-defense argument.

Indeed Fabian’s dad is well connected and quite popopular in the Golden State. The Democrat lawmaker served three terms in the Assembly, where he authored legislation to reduce gang violence in Los Angeles, and four years as speaker. 

In 2007 Hillary Clinton named Nunez, a well-known illegal immigrant advocate, national co chair of her presidential campaign. A popular figure in the La Raza movement, Nunez helped organize huge marches protesting legislation viewed as discriminatory against illegal aliens and he declared war on California’s governor because the governor supports securing the southern border as well as measures to curb the state’s illegal immigration crisis.  

Earlier this year Nunez was the target of a state ethics commission investigation into the use of political contributions for personal use. The commission banned the practice after newspaper reports that Nunez and a few other legislators had used hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash to travel through Europe and stay at upscale resorts.

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