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Judicial Watch • Obama Gov. Website Illegally Approved

Obama Gov. Website Illegally Approved

Obama Gov. Website Illegally Approved

Judicial Watch

Barack Obama’s transition website was illegally authorized to register as an official U.S. government domain and Judicial Watch has exclusively obtained documents to prove it, including evidence that the authorization was initially denied. 

When Team Obama announced its infamous website, Judicial Watch quickly filed a public records request with the agency (General Services Administration—GSA) that authorized it because the campaign clearly didn’t meet the strict eligibility requirements for official government websites.  

The GSA, which manages and supports the basic functioning of federal agencies, specifically limits coveted “.gov” websites to U.S. government organizations at the federal, Native Sovereign Nation, state and local levels. These may include governmental departments and programs as well as cities and townships represented by an elected body of officials.

The agency specifically forbids political or campaign information on any “.gov” website as well as any tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that can engage in lobbying or political campaigning. Obama’s change site proudly features the Obama-Biden Transition Project, a 501c(4) organization that actively engages in lobbying and political campaigning. The website also uses Obama’s favorite invented term of Office of the President-Elect, which is definitely not an official government office. 

Incredibly, the GSA caved into Obama machine pressure and reversed its original and appropriate denial of a government domain for political use. Click here to see GSA documents obtained by Judicial Watch, including an amusingly arrogant letter from an Obama functionary demanding a rule waiver after the initial domain rejection as well as dozens of emails questioning the site’s authorization. 

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