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Judicial Watch • U.S. Gives Corrupt Mexican Govt. $400 Million

U.S. Gives Corrupt Mexican Govt. $400 Million

U.S. Gives Corrupt Mexican Govt. $400 Million

Judicial Watch

In a miserably unsuccessful effort to combat the rampant violence created by Mexican drug cartels, the United States is giving that country’s corrupt government hundreds of millions of dollars even though its official "drug czar" got busted taking huge bribes from renowned cartels.

The U.S. continues to pour huge amounts of tax dollars into a notoriously crooked Mexican administration that often collaborates with the sophisticated drug operations that have infested the southern border as well as cities throughout America.

This fiscal year alone, the U.S. has given Mexico $400 million to fight drug cartels yet the operations appear to be thriving like never before. Drug-fueled violence has led to more than 5,000 deaths and unprecedented amounts of narcotics have been smuggled north of the border.

Senior U.S. counter narcotics officials confirm that the U.S.-Mexico relationship has for years been stormy and infested with mistrust and neglect. That’s because, like most Latin American countries, Mexican administrations have long been plagued by major corruption at the highest levels.

A perfect example is the recent arrest of the Mexican government’s official "drug czar," Noe Ramirez Mandujano. Authorities say he took nearly half a million dollars in bribes from drug cartels, making it impossible to take his government’s promise to battle drug operations seriously.

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