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Judicial Watch • Archives for 2009

2009 - Judicial Watch

Court Lets Gov. Hide Public Biz

In a victory for a power-wielding lawmaker who conducts public business in private, a Colorado appellate court has upheld a ruling shielding the state’s governor from disclosing cellular phone records that include hundreds of calls made during the course of his official duties. Since taking office in 2007, Governor Bill…

U.S. Intel Failures Helped Terrorist

Incompetent U.S. intelligence agencies actually helped the al Qaeda terrorist who came dangerously close to blowing up an airplane on Christmas, shifting the Obama Administration’s initial assessment of the incident from a delusional “the system worked” to a more realistic "potential catastrophic breach" of security. It turns out that the…

Coal Towns Mired In Public Corruption

A third Pennsylvania judge has pleaded guilty to corruption this week, making him one of nearly two dozen officials embroiled in a widespread federal investigation of government and court agencies in a county of former coal mining towns. Earlier this year two of his Luzerne County bench colleagues (Mark Ciavarella…

Politician Pays Girlfriend $340k

A prominent middle-aged Arizona politician has been cleared of wrongdoing for paying his young “consultant” girlfriend hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars because an immediate family member didn’t personally benefit from the deals.  Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, a renowned open borders advocate who claims detaining illegal immigrants violates their

Illegal Alien Says Drug Sentence Too Cruel

A thrice-convicted illegal immigrant drug dealer long protected by a sanctuary state is frantically trying to evade a life prison sentence by arguing that it’s “cruel and unusual punishment” in his native Mexico. In a classic only-in-America fable, the illegal alien (Vicente Corona) had previously been deported after one of…

Napolitano Touts Air Safety After Bomb Attempt

After shamelessly touting the success of the aviation security system that let an al Qaeda terrorist smuggle explosives onto a U.S. airline, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has conceded that it actually failed miserably. Desperately attempting to scrape the egg off of her face, Napolitano did an about face within…

Obama Blocks Probe Of Fired IG

Violating its own guarantee of unprecedented transparency, the White House is blocking an investigation into the controversial firing of an inspector general who exposed one of President Obama’s political supporters—a California mayor—for misusing federal funds.  First Lady Michelle Obama was reportedly behind the contentious June dismissal of AmeriCorps Inspector

Army Violating Jihadist’s Civil Rights

The Islamic extremist Army major who went on a murderous rampage—while chanting "Allahu Akbar!"—at the nation’s largest military base will file a legal motion alleging that his civil rights are being violated because he’s prohibited from praying the Koran in Arabic. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, charged with murdering 13 people…

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