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Judicial Watch • Law To Open Border, Legalize Illegal Aliens

Law To Open Border, Legalize Illegal Aliens

Law To Open Border, Legalize Illegal Aliens

Judicial Watch

The Nevada senator who a few years ago sponsored legislation to grant illegal immigrants discounted college tuition and automatic United States citizenship has introduced an immigration reform bill that will essentially open the southern border and grant residency to millions living in the country illegally.

Confident that his party has taken over Congress and the White House, Democrat Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, introduced the immigration measure (Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009) this week with high hopes of getting it passed by year’s end. 

Its goal supposedly is to strengthen the United States economy and provide for more effective border and employment enforcement, even though the law aims to halt the Homeland Security Department’s border fence project along crime-infested stretches notorious for human and drug smuggling. Reid believes the barrier would adversely affect the fragile environment and an entire region’s vibrant cross-border culture.

He also includes language in the bill that stresses family reunification by providing same-sex partners with “immigration equality” and allowing illegal aliens to become U.S. citizens since, according to the measure, the economy will be far more secure when those who are currently living in the shadows of our society are recognized. 

Reid has for years been a proud advocate of illegal immigrants. In mid 2000 he co-sponsored the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act to permit states to grant the much lower instate college tuition rate to illegal immigrants and allow them to remain in the U.S. legally with a path to citizenship. The measure has floated around Congress for years and is expected to pass sometime in 2009.  

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