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Judicial Watch • Million$ To Help Cross Border Species Mate

Million$ To Help Cross Border Species Mate

Million$ To Help Cross Border Species Mate

JANUARY 21, 2009

In the midst of the nation’s dire financial crisis the U.S. government has allocated tens of millions of dollars to placate liberals who claim a fence along the southern border negatively impacts the environment, especially wildlife that cross the border into Mexico to mate.

The taxpayer dollars (about $50 million) will fund projects that supposedly “soften” the environmental damage created by hundreds of miles of recently erected fence along previously unprotected stretches of the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The much-needed project (Secure Fence Act) was approved by Congress in late 2006 to protect the nation’s increasingly vulnerable southern border from illegal immigration, drug smuggling and terrorism. The law also authorizes more vehicle barriers, checkpoints and the use of advanced technology.  

The barrier has faced opposition from a variety of sources, including lawmakers in Texas counties and towns along the border. Some have passed local resolutions to stop the fence construction, which is a federal project, and others have denied federal authorities access to their land.

In El Paso County, commissioners officially blamed the nation’s illegal immigration crisis on racism against Mexicans when they passed a measure in mid 2008 to block the federally mandated border wall and prohibit local police from enforcing immigration law. 

Environmentalists immediately joined the anti border fence movement, claiming that the barrier would have a detrimental effect on nature and its habitat. In response to complaints and legal challenges the Department of Homeland Security allocated the public funds to supposedly help counter the damage. 

Among the things that will be financed with the tax money is a Rio Grande Valley project to reverse the affect of wildlife’s “potential for gene flow” because many species cross the border into Mexico to mate.

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