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Judicial Watch • N.Y. Lawmaker Charged With Felony

N.Y. Lawmaker Charged With Felony

N.Y. Lawmaker Charged With Felony

Judicial Watch

A New York City councilman recently charged with a felony is now a member of the state legislature where he has been rewarded with a committee chairmanship that substantially boosts his taxpayer-financed salary.

Queens Democrat Hiram Monserrate, a former police officer who later represented the 21st District on the New York City Council, was sworn in as a state senator this week despite his serious and mounting legal problems. 

A few weeks ago Monserrate was arrested and charged with felony assault for beating, dragging and slashing the face of his girlfriend (Karla Giraldo) with a piece of broken glass in a jealous rage. The incident was captured on a security surveillance video and several witnesses say they heard the violent ordeal. 

The bludgeoned woman required serious medical attention including 20 stitches in her face. New York’s new state senator says it was all an accident but police assure that the security video proves otherwise. It captures the politician dragging the visibly distressed woman from his apartment drenched in blood.

Police say the woman looks scared and is seen trying to get away from Monserrate as she clutches a towel to her injured left eye. A frightened neighbor said she heard the ordeal and Monserrate’s beat-up girlfriend banged on her door but she was too scared to open it.  

The seriously injured woman was treated at a Long Island hospital where she told doctors that Monserrate had beat her. Evidently, it’s not enough to keep him from collecting a $92,000 annual salary ($79,500 plus $12,500 to chair a committee) represent New Yorkers and chair the Senate’s Consumer Protection Committee. 

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