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Judicial Watch • Homeland Security Official Indicted

Homeland Security Official Indicted

Homeland Security Official Indicted

Judicial Watch

A high-ranking Homeland Security director responsible for preventing illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. has been federally indicted for hiring them an encouraging them to violate federal law by remaining in the country.

Before getting suspended and arrested a few months ago, Lorraine Henderson was the Massachusetts regional director of Customs and Border Protection. She was responsible for the inspection and admission of foreign nationals who sought entry into the U.S. and for preventing the entry of illegal aliens through Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island ports of entry.

Henderson wielded tremendous power and was authorized to grant or deny waivers to illegal immigrants seeking U.S. entry. She was also responsible for identifying and intercepting terrorists or terrorist threats at area seaports and airports. Her position certainly magnifies the severity of her crimes.  

For years Henderson paid illegal immigrants cash to clean her house and she even coached them on how to avoid deportation, according to federal prosecutors who this week announced the indictment for encouraging and inducing illegal aliens to remain in the United States. 

Henderson ignored repeated warnings over the years from a fellow federal officer that her domestic employees were in the country illegally, according to a federal affidavit. She was also recorded warning an illegal alien employee about deportation and telling the worker “if you leave they won’t let you back.”

The disgraced Homeland Security director faces up to a decade in prison and a quarter of a million-dollar fine if convicted. 

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