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Judicial Watch • N.J. Residents Against Services For Illegal Immigrants

N.J. Residents Against Services For Illegal Immigrants

N.J. Residents Against Services For Illegal Immigrants

Judicial Watch

A special advisory panel created by New Jersey’s governor to help immigrants blend into society recommends expanding taxpayer-funded services for illegal aliens although the public overwhelmingly opposes it.

Governor Jon Corzine’s coveted Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on Immigration Policy wants the state to offer illegal aliens driver’s licenses and discounted college tuition, among other things. Corzine created the panel with great fanfare in 2007 to help develop recommendations for a “comprehensive and strategic statewide approach to successfully integrate immigrants into New Jersey’s population.” 

The 27-member panel had 15 months to complete its mission and report its findings and recommendations to the governor, which happened this week. The goal is to develop a comprehensive strategy for weaving New Jersey’s 400,000 illegal immigrants into the state’s economic, social and civic fabric. Immigrant access to services such as education, health care, employment training, social services and English classes were examined.

A local newspaper reports that the majority of New Jersey residents oppose offering public services to illegal immigrants, especially driver’s licenses. A recent poll reveals that 62% of New Jersey residents are against granting illegal immigrants some type of limited driver’s license. Even when presented with counter-arguments that the licenses would make the state safer and keep undesirable jobs filled, almost 90 percent of the opponents remained steadfast.

Most residents also object to discounted tuition for illegal aliens at public colleges and nearly 40% said the taxpayer-financed schools should shut their doors to illegals entirely. No word from the governor on what he will do with the panel’s highly unpopular suggestions.  

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