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Judicial Watch • Most Colleges Admit Illegal Aliens

Most Colleges Admit Illegal Aliens

Most Colleges Admit Illegal Aliens

Judicial Watch

More than 70% of taxpayer-funded public colleges in the U.S. knowingly admit illegal immigrants, according to a recent survey conducted by the nation’s premier association of collegiate registrars.  

American taxpayers already dish out tens of billions of dollars annually to educate illegal aliens in public elementary and secondary schools because federal law requires them to enroll children regardless of immigration status. However, federal law prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving state benefits which include a publicly financed higher education. 

Regardless, most public colleges across the nation knowingly admit illegal aliens to coveted degree or diploma programs. Conducted by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the survey results have been published in a 19-page report which breaks down data with charts and other detailed statistics. 

The biggest offenders are two-year community colleges, which overwhelmingly admit students verified to be in the country illegally. Only 29% of the colleges and universities bother checking applicants’ immigration status and just 19% verify applicants who seek discounted in-state tuition. Many colleges consider a diploma from a state high school enough to enroll a student in their institution. 

Last year North Carolina became the first state to ban illegal immigrants from all 58 of its community college campuses, which serve a total of about 1 million students. Many states still offer illegal immigrants discounted tuition at their public colleges, however. Texas, California, Utah, Maryland and New York are among them. 

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