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Judicial Watch • Pelosi Approval Ratings Sinking Fast

Pelosi Approval Ratings Sinking Fast

Pelosi Approval Ratings Sinking Fast

Judicial Watch

The scandal-plagued Speaker of the House has alienated nearly half of the country, earning an all-time low approval rating that makes her the least popular member of the Democratic Party.

Evidently Nancy Pelosi’s latest fiasco involving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) upset even the loyal supporters who have defended her through several other embarrassing public scandals and ethics violations. The veteran California lawmaker accused the CIA of lying to her about an aggressive interrogation technique known as waterboarding since knowing about it and doing nothing would outrage her liberal base.  

The accusations upset even high-ranking members of Pelosi’s own party and led many mainstream media outlets, including her hometown newspaper, to slam her for weeks. Outraged intelligence officials maintain that Congress—especially Pelosi—was thoroughly briefed about the interrogation techniques being used on terrorism suspects. 

Two separate polls released this week indicate that most Americans don’t believe Madam Speaker and are rather fed up with her ongoing scandals. In one poll 48% of Americans disapprove of Pelosi’s job performance and in another she is viewed unfavorably by 55% of Americans who overwhelmingly support the CIA over the congresswoman.  

Pelosi’s CIA fiasco is simply an encore of the worldwide media coverage she received earlier this year when Judicial Watch disclosed internal Pentagon documents illustrating how she treats the U.S. Air Force as her own personal airline. Dubbed “Air Pelosi,” the scandal also exposed how the Speaker wastes valuable taxpayer dollars with last-minute cancellations of military aircraft charged with ferrying her and her relatives around the globe.  

Last year Pelosi violated House ethics rules by introducing legislation to financially benefit a pharmaceutical company that she owns stock in and another that has donated heavily to her campaign and employs two of her former senior staffers as lobbyists.

In 2007 she came under fire for slipping a last-minute $25 million earmark into a freshly approved multi billion-dollar redevelopment bill to benefit her husband financially. That year she also got busted by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for violating federal election law.

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