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Judicial Watch • Previously Convicted Illegal Alien Murders Teen

Previously Convicted Illegal Alien Murders Teen

Previously Convicted Illegal Alien Murders Teen

Judicial Watch

Prosecutors in a state with several illegal immigrant sanctuary cities can’t seem to decide whether to seek the death penalty for a previously convicted illegal alien felon who never the less remained in the country and murdered a teenager this month. 

The illegal immigrant with various fake identities is an admitted gang member and criminal who had been convicted in 2005 for accessory to murder. Thanks to the sanctuary policies in several Nevada cities, the violent felon remained in the state rather than getting deported. 

On Mothers’ Day the illegal alien murdered a 17-year-old Carson City girl and shot the Good Samaritan who came to her aid. The illegal immigrant shot the teenager in the head while she drove her car then left the girl’s body lying on the shoulder of a highway in northwest Nevada. As the murderer sped away he shot a 51-year-old man who had stopped to help. 

Prosecutors in Washoe County, located along the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with a population of about 400,000, have charged the gangbanger with first-degree murder but can’t seem to take the next step of pursuing the death penalty even though it may seem like a no-brainer. They say a formal death penalty staff meeting must first determine that the case meets at least one of 15 criteria outlined by state laws as an aggravating circumstance. 

This foot-dragging may not seem surprising considering that one of the county’s largest and most important cities, Reno, is an official sanctuary that has long protected illegal immigrants. In fact, Nevada has several other sanctuary cities, including world famous Las Vegas. 

These types of municipalities have enabled illegal aliens to repeatedly commit heinous crimes against innocent Americans around the nation. Repeat illegal immigrant offenders have murdered cops in the southwest, a talented high school football star on the west coast, an honor’s student on a public bus in the east coast and a father-and-son in a northern California street. In every case the illegal immigrant had a criminal record and should have been deported.  

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