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Free Cars For Welfare Recipients

Free Cars For Welfare Recipients

MAY 07, 2009

The Democratic governor who has repeatedly come under fire for his costly leftwing policies is in trouble again for spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to give welfare recipients free cars as an incentive to find work.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s latest brilliant idea has inevitably caused outrage among many of the state’s 6.5 million residents as well as legislators and some news outfits. Patrick has so far allocated $430,000 a year to operate the free wheels for welfare recipients program. 

The innovative program offers free cars, and all the expenses that come with them, to the state’s welfare recipients who are interested in getting to work. Those who end back on welfare after unsuccessful employment stints—brief as they may be—get to keep the publicly financed vehicles. The state spends about $6,000 a year per car to pay for insurance, inspection, excise tax, title, registration, repairs and even an AAA membership. 

Like many states across the nation, Massachusetts is experiencing a fiscal crisis yet the governor has somehow found the money to fund this highly controversial deal. One state legislator called it “mind-boggling” and another questioned the state’s priorities in the midst of unprecedented layoffs and pay cuts. 

Since being elected governor in 2006 Patrick, a former Clinton Justice Department attorney in charge of civil rights, has implemented a series of changes that have outraged officials and residents statewide. 

A few weeks after moving into the governor’s mansion he eliminated a measure designed to curb illegal immigration by killing a policy that allowed state troopers to detain illegal aliens. Patrick has publicly said that he believes illegal immigrants should get drivers licenses and discounted in-state tuition at public colleges. 

Patrick is also working to reverse a longtime state law that allows employers broad access to the criminal records of potential employees because it discriminates against convicted felons and unfairly prevents them from landing jobs and leading productive lives. The governor is expected to announce his plan to ban employers’ access to the criminal records sometime this year.

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  • jdilegge

    @EZe I really doubt you pay enough taxes to cover this. If you do not live in Mass, then you do not pay it at all. Do you eat corn? Then YOU are eating my tax money a**hole.

  • jdilegge

    Mass isn’t having fiscal issues, the last I saw. I think it is smart. A lot of people want to work but live too far to walk and buses don’t go everywhere. As long as they work and pay their taxes, I am for it.

    @IBERIGHT Do you truly have to talk like a fooking retard?

  • mass123

    This is lie this program was started under gov Romney.Its been over for years the cars were all donated .These programs were all part of Romneycare get your facts straight.


    Dear ‘merica,
    My name is IBE Right. eye m n ill eagle ailin n ur cuntry an m on well fair. I git a free car n yu awl pay fer it. Gaz 2. U giv me muny, alot uv muny, mor muny den eye evr seen n my lif. Tank u! and Tank u 4 du free food 2. eye et lik a keng now. be4 I et durt n bugz. Now eye et stake and crabz! Can eye hav a free house now 2? Cuz eye m brenging famly her 2 sew dey can git free stuff 2. Tank u Mr. Obama. Ur my hero!

  • EZe

    Mcchildress y do u need a car if u sit home collecting my tax money. Do what my mom did & take a bus. U plan on using ur welfare money to pay the insurance. Here’s some advice… Keep ur legs closed til u find a job or a responsible man

  • mchildress75

    I need a vehicle. I have 3 kids under 4 and no wheels. I get food stamps and medicaid. I am located in jacksonville florida

  • exciteme

    This guy is so far left and likes to give people on welfare more and more ‘stuff’. The people that really work and earn in his state are going to boot his ass out of office soon!

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