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Judicial Watch • Oakland Approves ID Cards For Illegal Immigrants

Oakland Approves ID Cards For Illegal Immigrants

Oakland Approves ID Cards For Illegal Immigrants

Judicial Watch

Another major U.S. city will issue official government identification cards to illegal immigrants although lawmakers admit the cost of such a program is inconvenient during a worsening financial crisis. 

Legislators in the northern California city of Oakland overwhelmingly approved a measure this week to distribute municipal ID cards to illegal aliens and others who may have trouble obtaining state identification. The councilwoman who introduced the measure said Oakland is proud that it has always been a gateway city for immigrants.

Many of the city’s 400,000 residents showed their support at the City Council meeting in which the bill was approved by proudly displaying signs reading “No Human Being is Illegal” and “ID cards for all Oaklanders.” Now city officials must devise a plan on how to implement and pay for the program which is sure to carry a hefty price tag.

A few miles across the bay, San Francisco has spent nearly $1 million to give its illegal aliens official photo identification cards so they can access taxpayer-financed government services. The illegal immigrant sanctuary City by the Bay, which for years has protected even the most violent of felons from deportation, has issued more than 2,500 municipal IDs since January and officials say they’re booked solid for months with residents who have made appointments to obtain the coveted cards.

New Haven Connecticut became the first U.S. municipality to offer illegal immigrants ID cards a few years ago so that they could enjoy public services and integrate into the community. San Francisco and Oakland are the only major U.S. cities to offer the perk. 

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