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Judicial Watch • Married Lawmaker Brags About Affair With Lobbyist

Married Lawmaker Brags About Affair With Lobbyist

Married Lawmaker Brags About Affair With Lobbyist

Judicial Watch

A married California legislator who co chairs a powerful utilities committee has resigned in shame amid an extramarital affair with an industry lobbyist whose clients had business before his committee. 

Republican Assemblyman Michael Duvall, a staunch conservative and renowned advocate of family values and the sanctity of marriage, was actually recorded bragging about his extramarital romps during an Assembly Appropriations Committee meeting earlier this year. 

A small hometown newspaper from Duvall’s southern California district broke the story this week, publishing the embarrassing details of his conversation with a colleague prior to the televised committee hearing. The lawmaker describes lewd details of two sexual affairs with separate women, one of them a much-younger lobbyist for an energy company with business before Duvall’s Assembly Utilities Committee.

Duvall boasts that the woman, also married, is nearly two decades younger than him and shares sordid details about their affair, including the fact that he spanks her because she’s a “bad girl.” He describes a separate mistress as “hot” and seems amused that he’s cheating on both his wife and a mistress.

Incredibly, or rather pathetically, Duvall denies the affairs in a resignation statement posted on his Assembly website this week. He says his decision to resign is not an admission that he had affairs and insists that his only offense was engaging in “inappropriate story-telling.” The resulting media coverage of the inappropriate story telling proved to be an unneeded distraction to his colleagues, thus the resignation. What a thoughtful guy!

Ironically, Duval, served on a rules committee that oversees member ethics even though he’s clearly deficient in that area. Before getting elected to the state legislature in 2006, he completed two terms as mayor of an upscale southern California city (Yorba Linda) with a population of about 70,000 and two terms as president of the city’s chamber of commerce.  

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