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Judicial Watch • Obama Joins Nobel Hall Of Shame

Obama Joins Nobel Hall Of Shame

Obama Joins Nobel Hall Of Shame

Judicial Watch

Barack Obama is the latest member of an ignominious world club that includes a renowned Arab terrorist leader, a former U.S. president that justifies Palestinian violence and a leftwing Guatemalan martyr who fabricated war memoirs.

Indeed, the 44th president of the United States has been crowned with a Nobel Peace Prize, shocking even his closest aides who at first dismissed it as a bad joke. Obama joins the likes of radical Guatemalan activist Rigoberta Menchú (1992), Palestinian Liberation Organization and Fatah movement founder Yasser Arafat (1994) and the only U.S. president to schmooze with a Hamas leader in Syria, Jimmy Carter (2001). Even the ultra corrupt United Nations, long infested with bribed officials, and its former equally crooked leader (Kofi Annan) won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.

Officials of the international award, named after an industrialist and administered by a Swedish foundation, say Obama got it “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Norwegian lawmakers, members of national governments, past winners and numerous university professors annually nominate candidates and the winner is announced in October. Obama was nominated just 12 days into his presidency. 

The last high-profile U.S. politician to get the award was Clinton Vice President Al Gore, who received it in 2007 for his infamous global warming crusade. One Nobel committee member said Gore, who couldn’t even win his home state in a failed run for the presidency, put climate change on the agenda like no other. Ironically, Gore publicly urged young people to engage in civil disobedience—in the name of saving the planet—shortly after receiving his so-called peace award. 

Obama’s unexpected accolade shocked even the traditionally liberal international community, which has collectively questioned any accomplishments worthy of such an honor. A highly regarded Australian peace foundation expert said Obama’s win came as a “massive shock” and one British newspaper claimed the absurd decision to award Obama makes a mockery of the Nobel peace prize. Islamic Hamas leaders say Obama doesn’t deserve the Nobel because he failed to give Palestinian people their legitimate right as he had promised. 

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