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House Kills Ethics Bill For Sixth Time To Cover For Murtha

The U.S. House has rejected—for the sixth time—a resolution to investigate the connection between campaign cash and earmark requests because a ranking Democrat is at the center of a federal probe involving a lobbying firm targeted by the proposed measure.  Arizona Republican Jeff Flake sponsored the ethics bill amid the…

Third Fla. County Comm. Guilty Of Corruption

A veteran county commissioner in an affluent south Florida community became the third in only a few months to plead guilty to federal corruption charges for committing what she admits were inexcusable and criminal acts. Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty, one of the area’s most prominent Republican lawmakers, for…

Napolitano Cancels Immigration Enforcement Operations

Weeks after the nation’s Homeland Security Secretary blasted immigration officials for arresting illegal aliens who used fake documents to work at a Washington state engine plant she has suspended all similar enforcement operations. Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano has indefinitely postponed a series of scheduled immigration raids and other

FAA Reversal On Record Disclosure

The federal agency in charge of aviation safety has reneged on its promise to disclose records involving flying birds that damage commercial planes and instead will keep the information from the public.  The topic sparked worldwide interest earlier this year when a pilot was forced to land a plane with…

State Report Classifies Conservatives As Terrorists

An official Missouri State Police report on militia activity classifies Christian conservatives and groups that oppose abortion and illegal immigration as domestic terrorists.  The state law enforcement report (“The Modern Militia”) completely omits domestic terror groups associated with fundamentalist Muslims or those connected to liberals such as extreme

Govt. Gives Addicts Drugs For Studies

In a scandalous waste of U.S. tax dollars, the federal government has for at least three decades provided illicit drugs to addicts who participate in publicly financed research studies.  Official records obtained by a Washington daily reveal that the government gives crack and powder cocaine, morphine and other hardcore drugs…

Judge Charged In Vote Buying Scheme

Five high-ranking public officials in southeast Kentucky’s impoverished Appalachian Mountain region have been arrested and federally indicted for masterminding a vote buying operation to obtain political power and personal gain.  A veteran judge, top clerk, school superintendent and two election board members in Clay County (population around 25,000) are

EPA Nominee Quits Amid Fraud Probe

In the latest of many cabinet mishaps, President Barack Obama’s nominee to be second-in-command at the nation’s environmental agency has abruptly withdrawn amid a grant fraud investigation into a defunct group he once headed. Obama had touted Jon Cannon to be Deputy Administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) but…

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