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Millions Of Tax Dollars To Preserve Kennedy Legacy

Nearly one-third of the $126 million that Massachusetts is getting from the recently passed federal spending bill will go to preserve the legacy of the state’s infamous political family.  The Kennedy legacy will be largely funded with U.S. tax dollars thanks to an array of earmarks inserted—and signed into law…

Hookergate Senator Goes Ballistic At Airport

A Louisiana senator famous for his involvement in a Washington D.C. prostitution scandal violated airport security moments after going ballistic on an airline employee because he didn’t receive special treatment.  A Capitol Hill newspaper reports that Republican David Vitter—of D.C. Madam fame—became irate recently at Washington’s Dulles Airport after

Public Officials Back Corrupt New Mexico Lawmaker

A corrupt New Mexico lawmaker who pleaded guilty to three felonies for his role in a courthouse construction scandal has strong support from a series of notable politicians who have written to the federal judge who will sentence him next week.  The unconditional backing from a who’s who of New…

Feds Investigate Ariz.Sheriff’s Immigration Crackdown

Caving into the demands of an open borders mayor who offers illegal aliens sanctuary, the federal government has launched a civil rights investigation into an Arizona sheriff’s department that enforces immigration law through a federal partnership.  The U.S. Department of Justice notified Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio this week that it…

Retaliation Fears Stall Ethics

Illustrating that political corruption is indeed a bipartisan issue, House Democrats and Republicans admit fear of retaliation prevents them from filing formal ethics complaints even though legitimate cases abound.  A political news publication reports that the threat of a mutually assured destruction has kept House members from filing a formal…

Senators Use Campaign Funds To Defend Corruption Charges

A pair of criminally charged New Jersey state legislators have been accused of illegally using campaign money to pay the hefty legal costs in their respective corruption cases.  A veteran state employee has formally requested that the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission determine if Democrat state senators Sharpe James…

Jail For Bribed Immigration Director

A high-ranking immigration official guilty of taking bribes to release illegal immigrants with criminal records—including one who committed murder after being freed—will go to prison for only three years and the government asked for an even shorter sentence.  The former director (Roy Bailey) of detention and removal in the Detroit…

Obama’s Distinguished Board Tainted

President Obama’s coveted economic advisory board of “distinguished citizens” features rich donors, a corrupt labor official embroiled in a money laundering scheme during the Clinton Administration and a millionaire whose bank folded after victimizing borrowers with subprime loans.  With an executive order, the new Economic Recovery Advisory Board was

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