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2010 - Judicial Watch

2010 Marred By Debt, Waste, Costly Hawaiian Vacation

  As U.S. taxpayers dish out millions for President Obama’s lavish Hawaiian vacation crushing year-end statistics reveal unprecedented government debt and a myriad of waste that should outrage all Americans. Let’s start with the disastrous 111th Congress because it shattered a record by accumulating more new debt ($3.22 trillion) than…

Obama Considers Corrupt Clinton Official As Economic Adviser

A banker ousted as Bill Clinton’s Deputy Treasury Secretary after lying to Congress to help his boss conceal an illegal real estate scheme is a top candidate to become President Obama’s next economic adviser. Despite his scandalous past, Roger Altman is on a short list to be the next director…

TSA Misses Luggage That Explodes After Flight

Despite a $98 million infusion for state-of-the-art baggage screening machines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) somehow missed a suitcase filled with explosives that blasted after a three-hour domestic flight. The shameful gaffe is simply the latest of many for the beleaguered Homeland Security agency charged with protecting the nation’s

Immigration Cases Create Federal Court Crisis

  Nearly half of federal court cases tried in the first 11 months of the year involved illegal immigration and a chunk of federal prisoners have been convicted of violating immigration laws, representing a colossal expense for U.S. taxpayers. The nation’s federal courts are overwhelmed with staggering immigration caseloads that…

U.S. Must Give Convicts Lawyers To Fight Deportation

Shy of her first anniversary on the federal bench, an Obama-appointed judge known for promoting “racial tolerance” has ordered U.S. taxpayers to provide criminally convicted immigrants with “diminished mental capacities” lawyers to fight deportation. The ruling is believed to be the first ordering government-financed legal representation in an immigration

Obama Creates Death Panels Rejected By Congress

The Obama Administration has secretly crafted a new policy to implement the contentious death panels that Congress dropped under immense public pressure from legislation to take over the nation’s healthcare system. Under regulations that will take effect in January, the administration will offer medical professionals monetary incentives to accelerate “end…

TSA Persecutes Critics, Ignores Security Threats

  While the Department of Homeland Security investigates a commercial airline pilot for exposing security flaws at a major U.S. airport, it fails to protect America against terrorism by not screening passengers and cargo on thousands of planes that fly over the country each week. Widely reported as unrelated events…

Judge Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Sue ICE For Rights Violations

A Clinton-appointed judge has given a group of illegal immigrants the green light to sue the U.S. government for violating their constitutional rights during the operation that led to their apprehension. Ruling that immigration agents and their supervisors can be sued for civil damages, Connecticut federal Judge Stefan Underhill cited…

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