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Judicial Watch • Illegal Alien Cop Murderer Has Huge Criminal Record

Illegal Alien Cop Murderer Has Huge Criminal Record

Illegal Alien Cop Murderer Has Huge Criminal Record

Judicial Watch

In a case that resembles many others nationwide, an illegal immigrant who recently murdered a Utah law enforcement officer has an extensive criminal record and multiple deportation orders yet remained in the U.S. undetected. 

The tragic incident accentuates the lingering weaknesses in the federal immigration enforcement system and lack of collaboration by local municipalities that protect illegal aliens with official sanctuary policies and other less formal don’t-ask-don’t tell practices. 

This time the victim was Millard County Sheriff Deputy Josie Greathouse Fox, a 37-year-old wife and mother of two. Roberto Miramontes Roman, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, shot the small-town law enforcement officer in west central Utah during a traffic stop last week. Roman has an extensive criminal record, including guilty pleas to charges ranging from third-degree felony drug possession to receiving stolen property and various weapons counts.  

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials say Roman has been deported three times. He was first deported in 1998 after a criminal conviction in Utah and arrested twice when attempting to re-enter the country illegally in Arizona and California. Roman was convicted on federal immigration charges in Arizona and served time in a federal prison.

He made no secret about his violent tendencies and even set up a page on a popular internet social networking site to advertise his various firearms, including a pair of handguns and an AK-47 semiautomatic assault rifle. Roman was pictured holding the guns and claiming that he was feeling “crazy” and “ready for whatever is next.”

The murderer’s family claims he’s not really an illegal immigrant, but rather a local guy who happened to be born in Mexico. Roman’s parents came to Utah illegally with their five children about three decades ago and sincerely consider their Mexican children Utahans because they were raised there, albeit illegally. 

Despite a substantial criminal record, Roman’s illegal immigrant mother, who still lives in Utah with the rest of the undocumented family, claims her beloved son would never murder a cop, especially since she “never saw him kill a jackrabbit.” By the time he was 20 Roman, who came to Utah at the age of 7, had already been convicted on drug charges. His life went downhill from there.

Numerous other illegal immigrants with criminal records have remained in the U.S. to commit heinous crimes similar to this. In the last few years alone illegal immigrants with extensive rap sheets have murdered law enforcement officers in Arizona and Texas and countless others have killed or otherwise victimized innocent civilians throughout the nation, including California, Maryland and New Jersey. In all of the cases, states or local municipalities offer illegal aliens protection in the form of sanctuary. 

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