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Judicial Watch • Homeland Security Loses Hundreds Of Weapons

Homeland Security Loses Hundreds Of Weapons

Homeland Security Loses Hundreds Of Weapons

Judicial Watch

In a baffling example of government incompetence, the federal agency created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to keep America safe has lost hundreds of weapons and some have ended up in the possession of violent gangbangers and felons.

Remiss officers working for the embattled Department of Homeland Security have lost government-issued guns in bowling alleys, public bathrooms, unlocked cars and a variety of unsecure areas, according to a scorching 27-page report published by the agency’s inspector general. 

Most of the lost weapons—including military rifles, handguns and shotguns—have never been found and at least 15 have been recovered by local law enforcement officials in the possession of criminals, gang members and known drug dealers.

The majority of the losses occurred because Homeland Security officers did not sufficiently secure firearms in their possession, investigators determined. They further point out that the lost firearms created an unnecessary risk to the public, which goes without saying. Americans may be relieved to know however, that the abhorrent negligence has been met with “extra training” and in some cases disciplinary actions.

This may seem laughable considering the Department of Homeland Security is supposed to keep the nation safe from foreign threats. The crucial agency was created after the 2001 terrorist attacks by encompassing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, Citizenships and Immigration Services and the Transportation Security Administration. 

In theory, their combined forces are more effective in preempting terrorist attacks. In reality, various branches of the agency have become best known for their perpetual mishaps, especially the Transportation Security Administration which was created to protect the nation’s transportation system.  

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