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Judicial Watch • Obama’s Terrorist Pal Sues University For Canceling Gig

Obama’s Terrorist Pal Sues University For Canceling Gig

Obama’s Terrorist Pal Sues University For Canceling Gig

Judicial Watch

A renowned terrorist and onetime fugitive who admitted bombing government buildings in the 1970s is suing a public university for canceling his speaking engagements amid security concerns, a move he claims is unconstitutional.

William Ayers, President Obama’s close friend and longtime political benefactor, claims in a federal complaint that the University of Wyoming deprived him of his right to free speech when it canceled a pair of speaking events after the campus received numerous threats.

Ayers is a professor of education at the University of Illinois, Chicago who tours the country promoting his radical socialist agenda. He is most famous for planting bombs on the Capitol, Pentagon and other government buildings as a member of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground to protest U.S. policy.

The Vietnam-era radical, who proudly admits his terrorist activities, was a fugitive from U.S. justice for a decade before finally surrendering in 1980. Ayers has publicly said that he doesn’t regret setting bombs and that in fact his group “didn’t do enough.” To this day, the public university professor proudly sports a tattoo on his neck featuring the rainbow and lightning weatherman logo that appeared on letters taking responsibility for the bombings.

Considering his background, it may not seem unreasonable to keep Ayers away from a public institution of higher education that’s supported by the government he so despises. Ayers blames the Wyoming cancelation on a rightwing campaign and claims in his lawsuit that he continues to be falsely labeled as a radical, terrorist, communist and Nazi.

University officials are depriving Ayers of his right to free speech and students the right to assemble and associate freely—violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments—because they oppose his political beliefs, he alleges in the complaint. Ayers assures the school’s president is censoring him because of his activist political background.

Ironically, Ayers’s longtime friend, Obama, took the same action to shut up broadcasters of a damaging commercial of their decades-long relationship during the presidential campaign. Obama warned television stations across the nation not to air the incriminating ad linking him to Ayers and even asked the Justice Department to intervene in the censorship effort.

By then most Americans already knew that the Illinois senator and the aging radical were tight, hung out in the same political and social circles, lived in the same Chicago neighborhood and for years served on the board of a Chicago nonprofit. The media had also revealed that Ayers was also one of Obama’s biggest political supporters and that he regularly donated money to his campaigns and hosted fundraisers at his home.


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