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Judicial Watch • Feds Warn Of Terrorists Sneaking Into U.S. Through Mexico

Feds Warn Of Terrorists Sneaking Into U.S. Through Mexico

Feds Warn Of Terrorists Sneaking Into U.S. Through Mexico

Judicial Watch

The Department of Homeland Security has warned Texas law enforcement agencies that a renowned Al Qaeda terrorist is planning to sneak into the U.S. through Mexico, illustrating that Middle Eastern extremists continue to exploit the porous southern border in their quest to harm Americans.

While alarming, this case is hardly unique but rather part of a growing trend among Islamic terrorists to slip into the U.S. through a notoriously vulnerable 2,000-mile stretch. Mexican drug cartels and Middle Eastern extremists have for years joined forces to smuggle weapons and terrorists into the U.S., though the mainstream media coverage has largely ignored it to focus on the humble, poverty-stricken Mexicans who simply come to seek a better life.

A few years ago the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) revealed details of how Islamic terrorists and violent Mexican drug gangs have teamed up to successfully penetrate the U.S. as well as finance terror networks in the Middle East. Additionally, the top Homeland Security official in Texas confirmed that indeed terrorists—with ties to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda—have been arrested crossing into the state through the Mexican border.

This proves that the U.S. government has known for years that terrorists are using Mexico as a pathway into the country. In this week’s alert, Homeland Security officials warn Houston authorities to be on the lookout for a member of a Somalia-based Al Qaeda group called Al Shabab who plans to cross the Mexican border. Evidently, he has ties to a Somali man in Texas who was recently indicted for operating a large-scale enterprise that smuggled hundreds of Somalis with terrorist ties from Brazil, through South America and across the Mexican border.

A separate case in Virginia illustrates that these sorts of illicit enterprises are on the rise. In that case a man with admitted ties to Al Shabaab is currently being prosecuted for running an international business that smuggled more than 200 Somalis across the Mexican border. The Somalis are believed to have been disbursed across the country and remain mostly at large, according to the national news report that broke the story.


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