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Judicial Watch • State Workers Who Outed Illegal Immigrants Face Criminal Charges

State Workers Who Outed Illegal Immigrants Face Criminal Charges

State Workers Who Outed Illegal Immigrants Face Criminal Charges

Judicial Watch

The Utah state employees suspected of outing more than 1,000 illegal immigrants living in the state have been placed on administrative leave and will likely be criminally charged.

Last week a list of 1,300 suspected illegal aliens was circulated anonymously to various state and federal agencies as well as media outlets. Accompanied by a letter from “Concerned Citizens of the United States,” the 29-page list includes the illegal aliens’ phone numbers, addresses and birth dates. The letter claims that the group “observes these individuals in our neighborhoods, driving on our streets, working in our stores, attending our schools and entering our public welfare buildings.”

Calling it the “deplorable” work of a “small rogue group,” Utah Governor Gary Herbert quickly launched an investigation and vowed to punish any public employees responsible for participating in the outing. So far two employees with the Utah Department of Workforce Services have been suspended and at least eight others are under investigation. All face criminal charges for violating state and federal privacy laws, according to the governor.

Utah has long protected illegal immigrants and provided them with endless public benefits, including discounted tuition at public colleges and universities as well as other perks not afforded under federal law. Two of the state’s largest cities—Salt Lake City and Provo—have official sanctuary policies that forbid public employees or law enforcement officers from inquiring about a resident’s immigration status.

Earlier this year Utah proudly became the nation’s first state to offer a special class of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens who won’t be ineligible to obtain the cards when new federal security standards kick in. For years, Utah was one of only a handful of states to offer illegal immigrants driver’s license.


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