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Judicial Watch • Defense Bill To Include Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Measure

Defense Bill To Include Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Measure

Defense Bill To Include Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Measure

Judicial Watch

A controversial amnesty law to give illegal immigrants U.S. citizenship and discounted tuition at public colleges will be attached to a defense spending bill scheduled to be considered by the Senate next week.

The amendment will be added by none other than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who threatened his state’s largest newspaper for publishing a series of articles and editorials about his corruption scandals. Reid took tens of thousands of dollars from the Indian tribe clients of jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff and abused his influence as a legislator to help a mob-connected developer secure a lucrative Las Vegas land deal that put $1.1 million in his pocket.

In his highly publicized quest to legalize illegal immigrants, Reid introduced a measure (Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009) last year that would have opened the southern border and granted residency to millions living in the country illegally. That brilliant plan’s selling point was that the economy is far more secure when those who live in the shadows of society are recognized.

This week Reid proudly announced that he’s tacking a contentious measure (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors or DREAM Act) that has floated around Congress for years to a totally unrelated defense bill. The legislation, which Reid says is long overdue, will allow illegal aliens who attend college to become legal U.S residents and eventually citizens. It will also grant them heavily discounted tuition at public institutions of higher education throughout the nation.

Attaching the DREAM Act to the defense authorization bill is a “great strategy,” according to the president of one of the nation’s most influential “Hispanic rights” groups, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULA). Formed in the in the 1920s to combat discrimination in the U.S. against Mexicans, LULA also applauds President Obama’s ardent support of the DREAM Act, calling it the first of many positive steps to legalize the nation’s 12 million undocumented aliens.


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