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Judicial Watch • Obama Names Fish Czar

Obama Names Fish Czar

Obama Names Fish Czar

Judicial Watch


In what may seem more like a joke than an executive appointment, President Obama has named a czar to oversee a multi million-dollar federal attack against large fish that pose a “very imminent risk of invasion.”

Who better to handle the job than an environmental activist who once headed a state agency that maintains natural areas? John Goss has been handpicked by the czar-happy commander-in-chief to lead the battle against an Asian carp invasion in the Great Lakes. Evidently the bighead and silver carp, notoriously aggressive eaters that threaten native populations, are on the verge of invading Lake Michigan through Chicago-area waterways.

To avoid the tragedy federal, state and local agencies must halt the takeover and that’s where the new U.S. Asian Carp Czar comes in. Goss will run a $78.5 million federal program that includes ongoing studies and a series of potential barriers in the Chicago waterway that links the area’s lakes and rivers. Part of his duties include bringing peace between Great Lakes states currently embroiled in a legal fight over the response to the Asian carp threat.

The carp crisis is a “serious challenge” and a “serious threat,” according to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin who is actively involved in the fish battle. Luckily, the Obama Administration is “not in denial,” the senator says and not in a “go-slow mode” but rather a “full-attack, full-speed ahead mode.” Surely, Americans can sleep better now that tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are being invested in this fish war.

After all, this is serious stuff. The lead scientist conducting crucial environmental DNA research on Asian carp movement assures that the species poses an “irreversible” and “very imminent risk of invasion.” Good thing there’s a presidential czar to lead the fight against the invaders.

To skirt the Senate approval process, Obama has appointed a ridiculous number of czars who have tremendous power to regulate and control crucial parts of the nation’s government and economy. Judicial Watch has investigated many of the appointments and compiled a czar list. It includes Olympic, climate, AIDS, cyberspace, diversity, pay….the list goes on.


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