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Judicial Watch • Students At Public College Must Read Pro-Islam, Anti-America Book

Students At Public College Must Read Pro-Islam, Anti-America Book

Students At Public College Must Read Pro-Islam, Anti-America Book

Judicial Watch


In a new low for the nation’s famously liberal academic institutions, a public college in New York is forcing incoming students to read an America-bashing, pro-Islam book authored by a Muslim professor who justifies Palestinian suicide bombings as desperate reactions to military occupation.

The Brooklyn College freshman class of about 1,500 must read “How Does It Feel to Be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America,” which draws a parallel between the institutionalized discrimination and injustices that blacks suffered a century ago and Arab-Americans post 9/11. Muslims have gone from simply invisible to being regarded with suspicion and even actively pursued by the evil U.S. government, according to the book.

It features the immigration stories of seven Muslims and the horrible discrimination they’ve encountered since Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. in 2001. “Muslims and Arabs are scrutinized for sedition at every turn” and Arab-American life includes “substantial government surveillance and repression,” according to the author (Moustafa Bayoumi), who has been labeled a “radical pro-Palestinian” by a Brooklyn College graduate who served in U.S. Marine intelligence.

Furthermore, Professor Bayoumi claims in his book’s afterward that “spies and government informants have penetrated Muslim-American communities” and that we’re living through a “slow creep of imperial high-handedness into the rest of American society, performed in the name of national security and facilitated through the growth of racist policies.”

While this can all be dismissed as the ranting of yet another iconoclastic leftist academic, keep in mind that young students at a U.S. taxpayer-financed college are having it shoved down their throats. This is “academically incorrect” and “makes a mockery of education,” according to a local newspaper editorial that calls Bayoumi’s book a “polemic.”



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